Wednesday, 3 June 2009


Pretty normal day today. Woke up at 5 a.m. as usual, grabbed some leftovers from yesterday´s dinner that I found in a small bowl in the kitchen.
And when I got home from school, my brother John laughed at me and said something about cat-food. At first I got confused and thought "What the heck is he talking about?" but then he explained: The nice leftovers from yesterday´s dinner that I heated up and ate this morning had actually been put in that bowl so that our cat could eat from it since we hadn´t had time to go and buy his cat-food. So the cat had only eaten a little bit from the dinner-leftovers, and then my dad had put it on the counter in the kitchen... And I got up in the morning and thought "Oh, how nice, leftovers for breakfast!"
Anyway, THANKFULLY I brushed my teeth carefully after that nice little breakfast.

Oh, and there was a spider in school today. I almost freaked out and I kept telling Lisa and Helene(the teacher) to kill it. But Lisa, being a vegetarian animal friend-person kept saying "It has just as much right to live as we do, and blablabla."
But, hey at least she took the spider out of there. So, thanks Lisa :P

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Somebody got murdered

From now on, instead of having gym class, I will be helping out at the ESS (English speaking school for kids from age 6-12). And I was there for the first time yesterday, and it was fun. I spent most of the time there with a 9 year old kid from England called Rowan, and his baby brother Charlie and their older brother Harvey were also there. Rowan told me lots of stuff about his family, his pet and stuff like that. And I helped him with his school-work. Rowan was cool^^
So that´s were I´m gonna be every week in ninth grade, instead of having gym :)

Not many days left of school before summer holidays :)
I don´t really have anything planned;
I´m getting my glasses at the end of the month,
Me, Johannah, My, Laura-Jane and Tim are planning on going to Liseberg sometime soon,
Michaela is hopefully coming to visit me :D,
I´m gonna go blonde... And after becoming blonde I´m gonna get blue highlights, either that or I´ll dye my whole hair blue. We´ll see^^

Friday, 29 May 2009

How soon is now

So, I went to town (in Trollhättan) today after school, with Karina and Johannah. There we met Mathias, and I bought a really cool lighter from him. And, NO I do not smoke, I just really wanted that lighter :)
Anyway, then we went into Trestads Musik and I bought a Sex Pistols DVD including:
Disc 1: Documentary and interviews,
Disc 2: "The goodman tapes"-Bonus audio CD
Disc 3: "Submission"-Bonus audio CD
And I got it for just 79 kr! :O
We stayed in town for about two hours, and then I had to go home because my dad´s birthday party started at five.
The birthday party was quite fun, and my favourite relatives came: my step-aunt Maria and my step-cousin Leonard, unfortunately Morgaine didn´t come along, but it was still great :D

And yesterday I went to town in Trollhättan with my friend Frida, and we met Mathias there, twice, and I bought a CD by Disturbed :)
And I also bought a t-shirt and a long-sleeve, oh and I bought really cool (but sadly very small) Alien-earrings :D I love aliens.
And when I got home in the evening, my birthday presents had arrived!
I got a really really cool HIM-beanie (black with a big, white heartagram on it) and a SUPER COOL, REALLY BIG HIM-shoulderbag!! I almost had a heart-attack :P

Anyway, I´m gonna go and... do something else now. Don´t know what, but I´m sure I´ll find something to do :P

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Window blues

The birthday party yesterday was rather fun, and the cake was great :) And I suck at blowing out candles xD
I got 300 kr :) So on Monday, after school, I´m going straight to "Trestads Musik" and I´m going to get a CD (and I´m not gonna say wich one yet, because there´s only one copy left of it there and you might go and buy it before me xP) which costs 200kr, and I´m gonna save the last 100.
And on Wednesday I´m gonna get my glasses, and even though I feel comfortable in them, I still hate them because they make me look like the most evil person in the world: my biological mother -_-. (I´d show you a picture i took of me when I was trying them on, but I can´t find the camera.)
Also, I´m getting my very first allowance (is that how you spell it?) on Wednesday, and I hope my Maestro-card will arrive in the mailbox before then.

Anyway, uhm, the birthday party was fun, mostly because Frida was there ;) And she stayed at my house until 03:30 in the morning :P And I made her watch "Dreamcatcher", and she didn´t like it that much, she thought it was weird.
But I think it´s one of the best movies on the planet, which I have mentioned earlier :)
There is just one small detail about the movie that bothers me; after seeing it the first time, I became obsessed with having a toothpick hanging in the corner of my mouth all the time (just like my favourite character Beaver does.)

That´s all for now. See ya.

Friday, 22 May 2009

Dancin with myself

Frida is coming in about an hour, yay =)
After my birthday party I´m going to make her watch Stephen King´s "Dreamcatcher" with me, because it is one of the best movies on this planet!
I wonder if they have movies on other planets? What if there is another universe with a planet just like ours, and the people there are clones of us (or we´re clones of them...). I wonder if they´re better at taking care of their planet than we are.

And I was also wondering about the moon; for how long has the moon existed? And where was it before planet Earth came?

Well, anyway, I´ve gotta go now. See ya.

Blue Bayou

So, it is now 01:10 AM, and I am actually bleeding. SCARY. No, not really that scary; my hand is bleeding, because I have a really, really deep wound between my thumb and my wrist, and ofcourse (since I´m so stupid) I couldn´t stop picking at it, and so now I´ve opened up the wound again and the blood is now running down my hand. Johannah would have fainted if she had seen it, and she wants to become a DOCTOR... She freaks out if someone even mentions the word "blood". So, good luck with that career Johannah, let me know how it works out for you ;)

So, tomorrow, or today I guess, I am having my birthday party. And, as I mentioned earlier today; my birthday was a week ago, I haven´t got any presents yet, and now basically everyone who´s going to get me presents have said that they will give them to me in a week, or that they´re not sure when the presents that they have ordered will arrive. So it will be a long, dreadful time of waiting and suffering and feeling like nobody likes me... No, just kidding :) I don´t mind the waiting, it´s rather exciting actually because it makes you think like "Oh, if they´re going through so much to get me the presents then it must really be something good!"
So I am rather excited, even though there is A LOT of shit going on in my life.
But right now I´m trying to concentrate on having a good day and try to be in a good mood, and when the day is through and my birthday is left behind I can go back to focusing on the shit. Or something like that...

Maybe I should get some sleep, so that I have some energy left for tomorrow. Because it wouldn´t be much fun if I´m all sleepy and grumpy on my birthday party, right?
So, yeah, goodnight people!


Thursday, 21 May 2009


So, I am now fifteen. My birthday was a week ago, and I still haven´t gotten any presents. OH MY GOD. Hehe, but seriously; I´m having a birthday party tomorrow and I will get my presents then :D
It´s not gonna be a big party, just family, relatives and two friends of mine :)
But I´m not really into really HUGE parties anyway, ´cause if you invite loads of people and stuff, you never really get a chance to hang out with everyone of them.

So far, this week has been really weird. Or, wait, the week itself hasn´t been weird, but I´ve been really weird...
Monday was fine, like a normal school day and shit, and when I took the bus home I felt good and everything was fine. But then, the minute I stepped inside my house I was hit by this wave of anger for some reason, and I just felt like beating the shit out of someone. In an attempt to calm down I went out to my backyard and sat down with my sister, brother, dad and stepmom who were all drinking coca cola. And then, after having two glasses of cola myself, I felt fine again. Strange.
And on Tuesday I overslept, so I called Lisa as quick as I could and asked her to tell the teacher that I had overslept, and she said "Fine, I´ll tell her." And then when I got to school, Lisa was not there... And neither was Johannah. And so that whole school day I felt really sad for some reason, and when I was on my way down to the bus stop after school I really felt like I just wanted to run out in the road and get hit by a car or someting. But, really, I wouldn´t do that, ´cause I want to live and blablabla. But, anyway, I went into the bus instead of jumping out in front of it, and I went home, and when I got home I felt fine again.
I think someting is wrong with me :S
And, yesterday me and parents went to our third meeting at "Socialen". The meeting took over an hour, and then I had to wait outside for my parents while they were still in there, talking about something that they didn´t want me to hear. While waiting, I fell asleep on the wooden bench in the boring waiting-room.
And one hour later we got out of there and went to the bank and I got a Maestro-card :D
And then we walked all the way home, since we don´t have a car. Well, we do have a car, but it´s not working -_-.
This whole "socialen"-thing really sucks, ´cause we are just in the beginning of the "soc-utredning" and it is going to take FOUR MONTHS. FOUR MONTHS of weekly meetings and stuff. Someone PLEASE take me away :O

And today, I´m in a good mood. I think it´s because I watched about twenty videos of Amazing Phil xD He´s really fun.

I think I´m going to take a shower now, ´cause I have nothing better to do. I´m bored.